Internet Filters Don't Filter Everything

How can you be sure—really sure—that your filter is blocking everything it should?

If you have a computer and an Internet connection in your home, your family can access Internet pornography. Even if you have a filter or firewall deployed, these measures can easily be bypassed or disabled by an individual who is looking Internet pornography.

In addition to a filter, you need a porn-detection tool, like SurfRecon. to keep your computer safe and pornography free.

Testimonial: SurfRecon Really Works
"I thought my family was safe. I moved our home computer to a common room, I installed a filter, and I even checked the browser history frequently. But when I used SurfRecon to scan the computer, I found over 2,500 pornographic images!"

—Carolyn, wife and mother, Idaho

Fast Facts: Do Filters Really Work?
"The study concludes that the strictest filter tested, AOL's Mature Teen, blocked 91 percent of the sexually explicit Web sites in indexes maintained by Google Inc. and Microsoft Corp.'s MSN.

"Filters with less restrictive settings blocked at least 40 percent of sexually explicit sites, according to the study of random Web sites by Philip B. Stark, a statistics professor at University of California, Berkeley."


Why Filters Can't Filter Everything

Even the best filters are only 91% accurate when they are working properly. With the ammount of pornographic content available on the Internet, the remaining 9% could mean as much as 100 million pornographic images and videos go undetected by filters. Furthermore, if the individual at the computer knows how to bypass or deactivate the filter, than 100% of the pornographic content is available.

Unfortunately, the ability to bypass or deactivate a filter is common playground knowledge these days.

Why Use a Porn Detection Tool?

SurfRecon allows you to actively scan a computer system whenever you want to check it—because the only real way to be sure that no one is accessing pornography is to scan your computer system regularly.

A tool that allows you to detect pornography on a computer is an excellent addition to your Internet filter, if you already have one deployed. A filter does an excellent job of trying to prevent access to inappropriate content, but filters are limited in their ability to block everything. That is why a pornography detection tool is so important. It can find pornographic images that have bypassed the filter and are hiding on your computer.

Scanning Regularly Removes Anonymity and Encourage Responsibile Computer Use

Additional benefits from using a pornography-detection tool are that it removes anonymity from your home and encourages more responsible behavior. If a child or spouse knows he will get caught, he is more likely to behave appropriately.

SurfRecon Is Easy to Use

SurfRecon Home Edition can be downloaded directly to your computer or purchased pre-installed on a thumb drive. Either way, you simply launch the application and start a search. SurfRecon does all the rest of the work for you.

The application quickly crawls through your computer looking for image files and quickly determines if the image is sexual or not using sophisticated data-matching technology. If SurfRecon does find a match, it notifies you by listing all of the "Sexual" matches under the Sexual tab.

You can then use the blur and Digital Keyhole™ tools to review the content. When you are finished scanning a computer, you can easily delete any of the offensive content by clicking on a single button.

Should I Really Be That Concerned?

With an estimated 420 million pornographic web pages on the Internet, you absolutely should be concerned. The spectrum of Internet pornography ranges from softer forms of porn, to the hardest, darkest, most violent, and disturbing pornography you could imagine.

And the harder the pornography is, the more harm it can cause you and your family. The consequences of pornography use include addiction, job termination, incarceration, deviant attitudes, deviant behavior, divorce, and even death.

Protection + Detection Is the Best Solution

No one else is going to protect your family from the dangers of the Internet. You need to be concerned. You need to be aware. If you already have a filter, boost your filter's ability to protected your family with a SurfRecon pornography-detection tool.


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