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SurfRecon Equalizer™: Easy-To-Use Tools

SurfRecon announces the release of a new pornography detection tool: SurfRecon Equalizer. The Equalizer allows non-technical parents and spouses to level the playing field with more tech-savvy children and spouses.

With the SurfRecon Equalizer—a USB thumb drive with SurfRecon's award-wining pornography detection software pre-installed—all you have to do is insert the thumb drive into a computer and launch the software.

No installation or configuration required.

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SurfRecon™ Pornography-Detection Software

SurfRecon pornography-detection software allows HR professionals, businesses owners, IT administrators, social networks, educators, parents, and members of law enforcement to quickly and accurately scan a computer system for pornographic images and video.

SurfRecon pornography detection, deletion and investigation software The fact of the matter is, filters don't filter everything and can easily bypassed. Internet pornography is becoming more and more prevasive in our society—causing real harm to ourselves, our families, our businesses, and our communities.

SurfRecon can help you manage your IT environments, regardless of how big or how small, with our line of pornography detection, deletion and investigation software:
SurfRecon Equalizer (easy-to-use USB thumb drive)

SurfRecon Home Edtion

SurfRecon ERT (Emergency Response Tool) For Business and Education

SurfRecon Enterprise for social networks, user-submitted-cotent websites, and enterprises.

SurfRecon Elite for Law Enforcement

SUCCESS STORY: SurfRecon ERT and the ScenicView Center

As a Human Resources Professional I am relieved to know that our IT Manager can look for and remove any inappropriate images without being exposed to the filth. Surf Recon is definitely a tool that can help any company limit their liability of asking an employee to look at images to see if they are inappropriate. Thanks for developing this well needed program. We often forget of the damage that pornography can cause to the individuals assigned to monitor inappropriate material.


Jared Davis
Human Resources Manager
ScenicView Academy


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