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9.03.2009 :Home Safety Software Now Detects Hidden Pornographic Videos

SurfRecon Home Edition allows parents and spouses to find hidden pornographic video on their home computers. View full press release.

10.23.2008 : New Partnership Teaches Parents and Community Leaders How
to Make Internet Filters Better with Pornography-Detection Tools

SurfRecon of Orem, Utah, has partnered Shelley Lubben, and the Pink Cross Foundation to bring the latest Internet-safety software to families and communities struggling with Internet pornography and to raise awareness about the Pink Cross Foundation, which helps individuals trapped in the adult-entertainment industry start a new life. View full press release.

9.10.2008 : SurfRecon Creates the Largest Hash Value Database for
Law Enforcement

SurfRecon of Orem, Utah, a company that develops rapid-image-analysis tools for law enforcement, has created the largest image-hash-value database for safe, sexual, pornographic, and child-pornographic images in the world. Currently the database contains over 120 million image hash values. View full press release.

7.9.2008 : New Pornography-Detection Tool Makes It Difficult for Sex Offenders and
Teens to Hide Pornography

SurfRecon, a new rapid-image-analysis tool, is now available to law enforcement, parents, business owners, and schools. The highly-mobile and easy-to-use tool can quickly find pornography on almost any computer system. View full press release.

2.22.2008 : SurfRecon Exceeds 10 Million Safe and Pornography Image Hashes

SurfRecon, Inc. announces that it has collected over 10 million safe and pornography image hashes in its International Forensic Image-hash Database. View full press release.

12.19.2007 : New Image Forensic Tool Finds Pornography Faster

SurfRecon, Inc. announces a new rapid-image-analysis tool for consumers, business, and law enforcement. View full press release.

Over 1 Million Images Catalogued

SurfRecon, Inc. catalogued its one-millionth pornographic image, continuing its efforts to create the largest hash database of known "safe", "sexual", and "child pornography" available to law enforcement agencies.

SurfRecon, Inc. Announces Open Beta

SurfRecon, Inc. has announced an open beta of their SurfRecon LE (Law Enforcement) rapid image-analysis tool to start this Decemeber.

SurfRecon, Inc. Invited to Speak at the Tech Forensic Conference in Washington D.C.

SurfRecon, Inc. will present its new collaborative forensic tool during the Tech Forensic conference in October.


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