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SurfRecon Home Edition Pornography Detection Tools Pornography in the workplace can cripple your business. What are you doing to make sure you are not a victim?

The Cost of Pornography

Pornography use in the workplace could cost your tens of thousands of dollars per employee in lost productivity—and that is not the worst consequence either. Pornography use in the workplace can also be the cause of:
  • Sexual harasment lawsuits
  • Hostile work environment lawsuits
  • Sarbanes Oxley lawsuits
  • Termination of key employees
  • Management distractions
  • Law enforcement investigations
  • Harm to corporate brand and image
  • Lost opportunities
Pornography in the work environment is simply a land mine waiting to explode if not dealt with properly. It is no longer acceptable to simply as "the IT guy" to go look and see if there is any pornography on a computer system. You need to offer him some form of protection, and SurfRecon is that protection.

SurfRecon ERT Can Protect You and Your Business

SurfRecon ERT (Emergency Response Tool) is a rapid-image-and-video-analysis application that you can use to quickly and easily analyze suspect computers, and other digital devices, for pornographic content. SurfRecon ERT includes valuable safety and reporting tools that allow HR professionals, managers, IT administrators, and others to investigate potential use-policy violations without exposing themselves to the harm that pornography can cause.

SurfRecon Protects You and Your Business

When there is a complaint concerning pornography in the workplace, who checks it? Are you asking a hr professional, manager, IT administrator, or other employee to see if there is pornography on a suspect computer? You may be surprised to find out that asking an employee to look at pornography for any reason could result in a hostile-work environment lawsuit!

With SurfRecon, you can offer a level of safety and protection that previously has not been available. By using our blur and Digital Keyhole™ safety tools, the meta data information window, and reports to make a determination on the nature of a file without ever having to see the entire image. That protects you, your employees, your company.

Don't Gamble with Your Business

If you haven't had to deal with a case of pornography in the workplace yet, consider yourself lucky. Lawsuits, lost productivity, and terminated employees are costing businesses real dollars, estimated to be in the billions annually. You cannot afford to pretend that pornography doesn't exist in your place of work.

In fact, according to recent studies, as many as 28% of all computers in the work place have sexual content on them. Be prepared, get your copy of SurfRecon ERT today.


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