Elite Edition for Law Enforcement

SurfRecon Elite Edition for Law EnforcementSurfRecon Elite allows you to search suspect computers faster, more easily, and more efficiently than ever before.

Hundreds of Millions of Image and Video "Fingerprints" in the Palm of Your Hand

SurfRecon is a rapid-image-and-video-analysis tool that puts the entire SurfRecon digital-signature database in the palm of your hand. How? The SurfRecon application fits on a standard USB thumb drive and allows any officer to search, analyze, categorize, and report-on any pornographic content found on a suspect computer system.

That's hundreds of millions of digital signatures that you can access to quickly and accurately find and document any pornographic content found on a Windows, Macintosh or Linux computer system. No more looking for the needle in the haystack—SurfRecon can find it for you!

Furthermore, SurfRecon is committed to supporting the members of law enforcement and offers special pricing for those individuals interested in using SurfRecon.

The Perfect Tool for Consent Searches and First Responders

The SurfRecon Elite thumb drive offers you unprecedented mobility, compatability, and power. All you need to do is insert the USB thumb drive into the suspect computer, launch the application (from the thumb drive), and start a search. SurfRecon can process hundreds of files in only a few seconds. If there is pornography hiding on the targeted computer (CD-rom, DVD, or thumb drive) that SurfRecon can detect, it categorizes and displays the item for you.

The Only Field Tool that Processes Flash Video

SurfRecon is the only field search tool that also detects, categorizes and allows you to review flash video (.FLV). Flash video is the leading video format for pornography websites.

Remember To Protect Yourself While Protecting Others

Most importantly, SurfRecon provides a number of information and safety tools that you can use to protect your own sensativities and the investment that a department has made in individuals tasked with processing pornographic content. The blur, Digital Keyhole™, and meta data tools allows you to quickly assess an image or video without having to expose yourself to the entire image or video.

Request a Demonstration

If you are a member of law enforcment interested in trying SurfRecon, please, contact us about free training and a 30-day evaluation of the software.


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