SurfRecon Enterprise Solution

Add the world's most extensive and accurate data store of known pornographic images and video to your company's application or use it to manage your collaborative web environments. SurfRecon can help you detect and manage pornographic content based on your company's policies and directives.

How It Works

SurfRecon's patent-pending technology not only dynamically analyzes images and video, but more importantly, uses "digital-fingerprinting" technology to accurately identify pornographic content. The combination of these technologies ensures the most accurate results, allowing you to automate the management of your IT environments.

Whether you want to block the uploading of explicit images or scan terabytes of data, SurfRecon Enterprise Solution is your answer.

Add SurfRecon to Your Existing Applications

Now you can add the SurfRecon data analysis tools to your existing network-security, filter, anti-virus, or other application via a simple API or local appliance. The tools allow your application to properly identify files that it previously could not do to a lack of context.

For example, if an employee brings pornography into the work place on a CD or thumb drive, or uses email or some other application to transfer explicit images or video onto his workstation—these images will likely not be identified as porngoraphic, due to the lack any context. But with SurfRecon's matching-and-analysis tools, the images can still be properly identified.

Use SurfRecon to Manage Your Collaborative Web Environments

SurfRecon Enterprise Solution is also a superior tool for managing image and video content within any collaborative web environments or user-submitted-content environments, such as a social-network / social-media website, forum, or blog. This solution can be integrated into your upload process, checking files on the fly for violations of your company's use policy.

It can also be used to safely review questionable or pre-existing data safely, protecting your employees from the harm exposure to pornography can harm—and more importantly, protecting your company from possible hostile-work-environment and sexual-harassment liabilities.

SufRecon Enterprise Solution includes both automated analysis, as well as, its award-winning review tools that allow editors to quickly process millions of uploads accurately and safely.

Register for a Demonstration

If you would like to see how SurfRecon Enterprise Solutions can improve your products or help you to manage your IT environments or you have questions concerning pricing and availability, contact us at for a free evaluation license.


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