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SurfRecon Home Edition Pornography Detection ToolsHow can you be sure—really sure—that there is no pornography on your home computers?

What Is a Pornography-Detection Tool?

You may supervise Internet access in your home; you may check the browser history regularly; you may even have deployed an Internet filter or firewall—but none of these safety measures can stop a curious child or spouse from accessing pornographic content.

What you need to do is check your computer regularly, and SurfRecon is the tool you need to help you. SurfRecon is easy-to-use pornography-detection software that can quickly and discreetly scan a computer for pornographic content that a filter couldn't block.

By combining a filter with SurfRecon, you are increasing your family's Internet safety imeasurably.

Testimonial: SurfRecon Really Works

"I thought my family was safe. I moved our home computer to a common room, I installed a filter, and I even checked the browser history frequently. But when I used SurfRecon to scan the computer, I found over 2,500 pornographic images!"

—Carolyn, wife and mother, Idaho

SurfRecon Is Easy to Use

SurfRecon Home Edition is very easy to use. All you have to do is launch the software and click on a quick start button to start a search. SurfRecon does all the rest of the work for you.

The application quickly crawls through your computer looking for image and video files and quickly determines if it is sexual or not using sophisticated data-matching technology. If SurfRecon does find a match, it notifies you by listing all of the matches under the Sexual or XXX Porn tab.

You can then use the blur and Digital Keyhole™ tools to review the content. When you are finished scanning a computer, you can easily delete any of the offensive content by clicking on a single button.

Should I Really Be That Concerned?

With an estimated 420 million pornographic websites on the Internet, you absolutely should be concerned. The spectrum of Internet pornography ranges from softer forms of porn, to the hardest, darkest, most violent, and disturbing pornography you could imagine.

The harm that pornography can cause is well documented and includes addiction, job termination, incarceration, deviant attitudes, deviant behavior, divorce, and even death.

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