SurfRecon™ Pornography-Detection Software

SurfRecon is a pornography-detection tool that allows parents, businesses owners, administrators, educators, and members of law enforcement to quickly and accurately scan a suspect computer system for pornographic images and video.

There are currently three SurfRecon products available:

SurfRecon Home Edtion Pornography Detection Tools on DVD for Windows, Mac OSX, and Linux

SurfRecon Home Edition

SurfRecon Home Edition is perfect for concerned parents who want to know if pornography is hiding on their home computers. The truth is that filters alone are not the solution—SurfRecon can help you find what your filter has been missing.

A filter combined with SurfRecon creates a far more secure and safe computer / Internet experience for your family. Learn more about SurfRecon Home Edition.

SurfRecon ERT Edtion Pornography-Detection and Investigation Tools on DVD for Windows, Mac OSX, and Linux

SurfRecon ERT for Business and Education

SurfRecon ERT (Emergency Response Tool) for business and education can help employers, managers, and administrators deal with the problem of pornography in the workplace or within a school. Simply asking a HR professional, manager or IT admin to investigate a suspect computer without safety tools is no longer acceptable and potentially creates additional liabilities.

With SurfRecon ERT, you can protect yourself, your employees and your company from potential legal liabilities, while boosting productivity and conserving the use of important company resources (computers, bandwidth, etc.). Learn more about SurfRecon ERT.

SurfRecon Enterprise for social networks, forums, IT environments and managing user-posted images and video

SurfRecon Enterprise

SurfRecon Enterprise is an appliance that you can deploy within your IT environment to identify pornographic content. The solution is the perfect answer for social networks, forums, blogs, and other web sites that allow end users to upload content. The appliance allows you to rapidly analyze submitted images and video to your web site for objectional material.

The appliance can also be used to scan exisiting data stores of files.

SurfRecon Enterprise can also be deployed as an SDK within an existing safety or security application that allows your software to leverage SurfRecon's extensive database of digital signatures, allowing you to identify content that is "out of context". Learn more about SurfRecon Enterprise.

SurfRecon Elite for Law Enforcement Rapid Image and Video Analysis Tools

SurfRecon Elite Edition

SurfRecon Elite Edition for law enforcement brings a powerful set of forensic tools to the streets. Highly moblie and completely cross-platform compatible, SurfRecon Elite is the ultimate tool for performing first-response, triage, and consent searches.

Process suspect computers on site in only a few minutes, regardless of whether the computer is connected to the Internet or not. SurfRecon Elite includes several secure scanning options as well, so whether you need to reboot the system in a write-blocked mode, rapid-scan with a hard stop on first match, or simply use the detailed report to document all of your actions, SurfRecon is the tool for you.

Learn more about SurfRecon Elite Edition.

Interent Pornography Facts

  • 1% of the Internet contains pornographic content (approximately 1.8 million websites with 160 million web pages).
  • At best, an Internet filter can only block up to 91% of pornographic web sites.
  • Even with a filter installed, there are still 162,000 adult websites wtih over 14 million web pages of pornography that are accessible.
  • Bypassing or deactivating a filter is common playground knowledge.
  • Internet filters alone cannot keep your family safe.
  • Nothing can replace good parental supervision.

Pornography-Detection Tools Comparison Chart

FeaturesSurfReconOther Software Tools
Pre-Installed USB StickYesNo
Windows, Macintosh and Linux ComputersYesNo
Mobility & Confidentiality
Secretly ScanYes No
Highly Mobile YesNo
No Installation Required YesNo
Scanning Profiles
Internet Explorer, Firefox, & Safari Yes No
Complete System Scan Yes Yes
Image / Video Analysis & Information
Digital Signature Analysis Yes No
Dynamic Analysis Yes Yes
Image and Video Yes No
Image and Video Meta Data Yes Yes
Safety & Review Tools
Thumbnail & Individual Image Review Yes No
Blur & Digital Keyhole Yes No
Information Windows Yes Yes
Deletion Tools Yes Yes
Software Support
Free Updates & Upgrades Yes No
Web, Email & Phone Support Yes Yes
Online Training Yes No


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