Recover a Lost Username or Password

You can recover a lost username or password by visiting the password recovery page.

Register Your Software

If your software included a registration code, you must register your software before you can use it. The registration code is a 16-digit number (i.e. xxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxx).

If you purchased SurfRecon directly from, you are already registered. Simply login using your username (email) and password.

Quick Start Videos

New to SurfRecon? Get started quickly by watching the following videos:

Home Edition Getting Started Tutorial

Learning to Use SurfRecon

You have a number of resources you can take advantage of while you are learning to use SurfRecon. These resources are listed below and in the Support Links to the left:
  • Support Search If you have a question, there is a good chance we already have the answer to it. Check the Support database for quick answers to your most important questions.
  • Quick Start Guides: The quick start guides are a combination of audio- and video-based online help tools that can quickly answer your questions and get you started using SurfRecon.

SurfRecon Install/Update Patches

If you are experiencing problems with SurfRecon's update feature—the software keeps updating itself and then asking you to restart the application—you need to run a local patch application to solve the problem.

Follow the instructions explained in the How to Install the Updater Patch support FAQ.

Questions / Technical Support Issues

Technical support for SurfRecon is currently available via emaill at

Please include as much information about your issue as possible, including the type of computer and OS your experienced the problem with and what action/s you took that may have caused the issue.


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